EU Project EADEA

Equal Access to Development Education for All – EADEA

This is an EU international two-year project for Development Education.

Project EADEA Partners - Kick-off MeetingProject EADEA Partners - Kick-off Meeting
Its partnership is of Bulgaria, Austria, Estonia and Rwanda (ADRA Rwanda).   EADEA_logo-JPG

EADEA is a project focused on creating opportunities for provision of development education to students with visual impairment through capacity building for teaching Development Education in specialized schools and universities, developing educational tools and methodology relevant to the special needs / preserved senses of the target group students, training promoters of DEAR among people with visual impairment and preparing them for consulting development assistance aimed at people with visual impairment, exchange visits between EU and sub-Saharan experts in the field of provision of education to visually impaired.

This project is funded by EuropeAid and with ADRA Bulgaria's Own Contribution