Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid to Bulgarian hospitals, policlinics and poor and socially excluded people

Humanitarian aidHumanitarian aid
More than 15 years project,

still running, through which hospitals as the main Bulgarian Emergency hospital ‘N.G.Pirogov’ in Sofia and other big hospitals (in Plovdiv, Varna, Buhovo etc) are provided with medical apparatuses, medicaments and hospital furniture, sanitarian materials and clothing.

Sandoz company regularly provides medicines as humanitarian aid through ADRA BG as well as Austrian hospitals. In 2012 there had been several deliveries of hospital beds and medical equipment to the Multi-profile University Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency “Pirogov” in Sofia and to the ADRA Medical Center in Kyustendil , as well as medicaments (antibiotics) provided to the Health Department of Sofia Metropolitan Municipality to be distributed among the clinics in the region and to the ADRA MC in the Roma living quarter in Kyustendil.

In 2013, even more deliveries of hospital beds and eqipment as well as beddings and sheets were delivered and distributed to Pirogov, to other Medical and Health institutions, and to private persons in need (usually elderly people). Boxes of clothes and other belongings were delivered to poor families, mainly from the minority groups in Bulgaria. Maintaining the good partnershp relations with our private donors and companies is of extreme importance for the positive change we are aiming to bring to this world.