Building Technical Capacity for ADRA Bulgaria for Delivery of Food for The First Bulgarian Food Bank.

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A fund-raising campaign was conducted for the purchase of a vehicle with cooling mechanism, through which a larger variety of food products donated by the Bulgarian Food Bank to be distributed to more and more socially weak and poor people of the Bulgarian Society.

The project proposal was submitted to the ADRA supporting offices for the first time in December 2011 and resubmitted in March 2012. Funds were raised in October 2012 and project completed in October 2012 by the purchase of a cooling van – Citroen Jumper 2010 from Germany.

The Cooling van was transported to Bulgaria by Walter Macher, former country director of ADRA Austria and currently private donor to ADRA Bulgaria.

Supporting offices which contributed financially to the project were: ADRA Germany, ADRA Denmark and ADRA Canada. Other contributions were made by private donors including Walter Macher, Andreas and Rebeca Froesche and Helumt Krause. Behind the successful development and implementation of the project stands also the support of ADRA International and ADRA EU Division.

The cooling van is to be used in partnership for mutual operation between ADRA Bulgaria and The Bulgarian Food Bank for the distribution of food products also to other not-for-profit organizations initially in Sofia and the surrounding regions  – Pernik, Kyustendil, Godech, Plovdiv, Montana, etc. and later on nationwie; and directly to the beneficiaries – needy socially weak families, elderly and dissabled people and other  socially excluded people.  A contract agreement was signed between the Bulgarian Food Bank and ADRA Bulgaria for the mutual operation of the cooling van.


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