[h3]Shelter for an evicted woman and her son[/h3]

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The shocking story of an evicted from her own home woman deeply touched our hearts during our educational children programme this summer.

During the second week of an Youth Exchange project of ADRA Bulgaria and ADRA France in the Roma living quarter in Kyustendil, a prticipant from France offered to support several persons in great need of the Roma living quarter in Kyustendil. One of these persons was Slavka, a mid-age woman from Roma origin who has experienced a great tragedy in her life. Her husband evicted her from her own home and got married for her daughter -in-law, leaving both his wife andhis son on the street. Slavka and her son, took turns to stay-over friends and other relatives.

ADRA Bulgaria took the initiative to support these poor people with building a small one-room house next to a caring family who are also voluntary assisting us not only in this project but in many othe rprojects ADRA implemented in the Roma living quarter.

In September 2013, ADRA Bulgaria started constructing a one-room house with the participation of local ADRA volunteers and members of Slavka’s family (her brother and her son). The house is almost finished and this poor woman and her son will soon have a shelter and a place they could call home. Besides, financial resources for labour and materials for the construction, ADRA Bulgaria provided in-kind donations such as furniture and other indoors equipment.


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