Project name – „Bee4Thee“
Financing institution – ADRA International
Amount of the project – $ 50 613
Period of implementation – 25.11.2019 – 30.04.2021
Beneficiaries – ADRA – Bulgaria
Territorial scope -municipality Vidin
Project objective – providing a means of subsistence for vulnerable young people in a border poor region by stimulating the development of the beekeeping business.
Main activities – training of 15 young people from vulnerable groups for beekeepers, the creation of new apiaries with complete beekeeping inventory and 12 hives with bee families to the participants in the project and the promotion of beekeeping among the local population.

Even for experienced beekeepers, finding a market for their production (honey, propolis, pollen, wax) is often a challenge. As part of the project ADRA-Bulgaria will sell bee products from producers in the Northwest, thus allowing them to successfully develop and integrate new beekeepers to the successful practice created under the project.

You can try the most delicious natural honey and become part of a very beautiful social project in Vidin region. 

For more information, please contact us on our Facebook page, via email at [email protected] or at + 359 888765222, Marian Dimitrov.

ADRA-Bulgaria has started the project Bee4Thee in November 2019 in the Municipality of Vidin – the most distant north-western part of Bulgaria.

For the purpose of the project, 180 hives have been donated to 15 people in February, together with 15 new honey extractors, full beekeeping equipment, and in June – 180 honey bee colonies will complete the apiaries. Each beneficiary is nominated by the Social Assistance Directorate and will be supported by beekeepers with experience from our partners the Beekeepers Association “Dimitar Balev”. At the moment the future beekeepers are being trained by lecturers, conducting theoretical classes. A month of practical training is forthcoming.

This project is soon coming to an end. However, we are going to transform it into a social entrepreneurship. We will produce a ADRA branded honey. We have bought homogenizer, heating chamber, etc. We will soon offer you the most delicious natural bee honey produced as part of a majorly successful project in Vidin municipality. Such projects related to social entrepreneurship are a relatively new to Europe and there a great for helping people regain financial stability through their own work and produce.

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