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You can join our projects and become part of the change! There are two ways to get involved in ADRA Bulgaria’s activities and projects.

ADRA Bulgaria History

ADRA Bulgaria Foundation is established in 1992 in Sofia as an independent humanitarian and not-for-profit organization.

Our Staff

Meet Our Board Members. We’re a group of passionate people who are here to help.

Request this ambulance for your city!

We can come to your city and provide free medical examinations with certified specialists.


Adra Bulgaria has expanded its health services, adding to the health expos an ultrasound study. This is a modern 3D technology that examines internal organs – prostate and urological problems, pancreas, gall, thyroid gland.

To serve humanity so all may live as God intended.

with "Justice. Compassion. love."

ADRA works in more than 130 countries to bring long-term development programs and immediate emergency response to communities through a network of global offices. 

ReCent Projects

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When help is needed, we are ready.

ADRA Bulgaria is equipped with powerful tools and trained staff to rapidly respond to emergency cases.

Our Equipment

Emergency Response Bus

In times of an emergency such as flooding or cleaning, we are ready to mobilize and bring powerful equipment with our modern transportation.

Water Vacuum

Vacuum for sucking out dirty waters from buildings.

Powerful Dryer

Powerful dryer for drying wet walls after floods. Also appropriate for drying other household devices.

Pressure Washer

Professional device used in deep cleaning of several surfaces.

Base Camp

ADRA Bulgaria’s team features a base camp, protected from bad weather conditions.

ADRA’s Operating Principles

  • ADRA demonstrates respect for diversity treating people with equality regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, economic, political, or religious differences
  • ADRA is active in civil society, engaging in appropriate and empowering partnerships to identify, facilitate and affect durable solutions to human need
  • ADRA conducts its operations and delivers its programs with environmental sensitivity
  • ADRA documents and applies operational learning to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and innovation
  • ADRA maintains a work environment and systems that enable staff to achieve professional and personal growth
  • ADRA practices the highest principles of transparency and integrity; adheres to professional standards and requirements, and demonstrates fiscal and legal responsibility by implementing rigorous control and compliance systems
  • ADRA enlarges its resource base to meet humanitarian needs, in accordance with managerial, technical, and organizational capacities
  • ADRA advocates for the basic rights of the people with whom it works empowering them to speak for themselves and stand up for their rights