Give Roma Health

Provision of free medical advice and examinations of bone density, ECG, ultrasound, blood glucose measurements, saturation, blood pressure, height, weight, measurement of respiratory volume, etc. among the Roma community. Analysis and aggregation of results.

Mental Health Information Helpline

Our Mental Health Information Helpline is working. We are here to help everyone troubled with stress, depression, anxiety, panic, etc.


Тraining of 15 young people from vulnerable groups for beekeepers, the creation of new apiaries with complete beekeeping inventory and 12 hives with bee families to the participants in the project and the promotion of beekeeping among the local population.

MlaDoS Velingrad 2019

MlaDoS (in Bulgarian – youth) is a Youth Voluntary Service that gathers mostly young volunteers who dedicate one week of their summer to help people who are in difficulty.

Total Member Involvement

It has the purpose to reach undersurved communities/municipals in Bulgaria, by offering medical care for free.