Mental Health Information Helpline

Our Mental Health Information Helpline is working. We are here to help everyone troubled with stress, depression, anxiety, panic, etc.


ADRA-Bulgaria has started the project Bee4Thee in November 2019 in the Municipality of Vidin.

MlaDoS Velingrad 2019

MlaDoS (in Bulgarian – youth) is a Youth Voluntary Service that gathers mostly young volunteers who dedicate one week of their summer to help people who are in difficulty.

Total Member Involvement

It has the purpose to reach undersurved communities/municipals in Bulgaria, by offering medical care for free.

Children Help Children

The idea gives birth in Germany, where children from northern Europe prepare small packages for poor children to give them a small joy in the Christmas season.

Let’s Build a House Together

Since six years a poor family lives in a ruined house. ADRA has a wish to collect donations and build a small home for Gergana from Dragichevo.