MlaDoS Velingrad 2019

MlaDoS (in Bulgarian – youth) is a Youth Voluntary Service that gathers mostly young volunteers who dedicate one week of their summer to help people who are in difficulty. We are all on the same boat, living in the same country, on the same planet, so we should help each other. And all the participants in this project will be able to experience the unique satisfaction that you get when you give of yourself to improve the situation and the life of someone else.

MlaDoS will be held from 25 August to 1 September in Velingrad. The project is under the aegis of ADRA – a foundation, which manages volunteers and supports people, families and institutions in need.

The expected number of volunteers is between 50 and 70 from the ages of 18 to 35. All of them will join forces and help repair 5 households. Here is brief information about each of them.

Household 1: Single mother with two children (10 and 17 years old) living with her elderly mother. It is located in Draginovo. Their main need is to repair the roof of the house, which is in poor condition and is in great risk of collapsing. In addition, there is need for water supply and bathroom installation.

Household 2: A single mother who takes care of her two children (ages 11 and 14), one of which is disabled, as well as for her former husband’s schizophrenic brother. It is located in Draginovo. Their main need is to create a ramp on which the mother can daily walk down her disabled daughter.

Household 3: A single woman who takes care of her grandchild (2nd grade) abandoned by his parents.
It is located in Chepino district. Their main need is a partial repair of the roof, electrification of one of the rooms, adapting it for a child’s room, installing water supply lines in the toilet by connecting them to the kitchen (there is no water in the toilet) and installation of a boiler thus adapting the toilet for a bathroom.

Household 4: Single, unemployed father of one child (4th grade) who has the disease thrombocytopenia (Evans syndrome). Their main need is to repair a room in order to adapt it for the child’s room. The repair consists of electrical installation, plasterboard, painting.

Household 5: Family with three children (12, 8 and 3 years old). All live in the mother-in-law’s home and have only 2 rooms. Their main need is to make a stepped walkway along a steep slope. In winter, the current trail becomes impassable, which creates enormous difficulties for the family. An additional need is an interior repair of the rooms – plasterboard and painting.

We realize that helping is a two-way process. As much as one gives, at least that much he receives through the giving. We want to be part of this act of giving.

If you too want to get involved in improving the lives of these households, you can do so with financial support that will be spent on materials for the repair work.

You can help financially by sending an amount to the following bank account:

ADRA Bulgaria Foundation
Raiffeisenbank, Sofia Bulgaria
IBAN (BGN): BG21RZBB91551060357328
IBAN (EUR): BG16RZBB91551460357385
IBAN (USD): BG98RZBB91551160357316
Reason for payment: Project Velingrad

The amount needed for the implementation of the project is: 21 500 BGN.

Expect pictures of the work done.

Learn more about the project: